A short autobiography of Stephen Plustwik

I was orn with autism which would go undetected until the age of forty-four. I had a lot of trouble socialising with other children when I was growing up. I experienced anxiety from the beginning. By and large, I did not like school; but I enjoyed some things like putting a list of words in dictionary order, dictation, and projects like ‘Fungi’ and ‘Dangerous spiders’. Time passed and I went to secondary school. I began being depressed at the age of fifteen. This progressed, as undiagnosed illnesses tend to do. Finally I experienced an acute psychotic episode at the age of twenty. I thought that I was the Pope. I wanted to fly to Rome to take control of the Church. To sum up my life since then, it has been an arduous getting-up, standing-up and walking-forward every step of the way, every moment of the day. I am an optimist and tend to look on the bright side, even if the ‘bright’ is hard to see. I have a degree in Drama and Spanish, which is my greatest achievement.

Four fun facts about Stephen Plustwik

I learned to read at an early age by following my mother’s index finger along the lines of the page, while speaking the syllables aloud.

I got a Norco Storm 1 SE 29″ mountain bike in January 2022, which I seldom ride off-road, but on paths, with aftermarket semi-slick tyres.

I have always been very musical and I have perfect pitch. As a child I could play tunes by ear and transpose a major key into a minor key.

I have the ability to read and write ‘mirrored text’. This is the form of text that you would see in a mirror or when looking out of a shop window.